For Research Participants


I don’t want to receive updates about this research anymore – how do I opt out?

Please email me and put “unsubscribe” in the subject title and I will take care of it!

How many people participated in this study?

For the survivor tattoo study, I interviewed 19 individuals. Participants in this research spoke with me on the phone, and lived all over the United States. This sample, like AYA study, included individuals experiencing many different diagnoses and encompassed a variety of cancer experiences.

For the young adult survivor study, I conducted 21 interviews, which was sufficient for answering the research questions outlined in my thesis proposal. Participants had many different types of diagnoses–from solid tumor cancers, to blood cancers, to gynecological cancers, and ranged in age from early 20’s to early 40’s. I also recruited from two geographical locations in the US: the Pacific Northwest, and the greater Chicagoland/Indiana/Michigan areas.

I was a participant in one of your studies; is my data included in the publications?

If you participated in the survivor tattoo study, your data is included in the first publication for a conference called CHI.

If you were a young adult study participant, the first publication was presented at a conference called CSCW. This paper includes data analyzed from my first fifteen (15) participants, so if you interviewed with me late spring/early summer of 2016 your data may not be included. However, as of Winter 2018, I am in the process of analyzing all 21 sets of data currently, and I will continue to update this site with new findings and/or publications.

I was in the young adult survivor study. What happened to the visual elicitation piece (the poster board you made me draw on)?

That visual data is still being analyzed for a separate publication that will be submitted to peer review later in 2017/2018. I will continue to update participants with further publications according to their preferences.

Is there any way to see the presentations of these findings?

The slide deck presented to CSCW (young adult survivor study) is located here, although the presentation itself was not recorded. I will continue to share slides/papers/blog posts/recordings as they become available.

What if I have a question that is not addressed here?

Feel free to email me.